Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DST Golf’s Compressor Used by RBC Canadian Open, Omega European Masters Champions

DST Users Win Three Tournaments in One Day - including the Le Vaudreuil Golf Challenge

(SALISBURY, England) – DST Golf – developer and manufacturer of ground breaking warm up clubs that benefit players of all skill levels – confirms that Danny Willett, Ryan Fox and the winner of the RBC Canadian Open all practice for tournament play with DST Golf’s Compressor warm-up clubs.

DST Golf has reached an unprecedented milestone in the golf industry, with more than 200 PGA and European Tour players trusting the revolutionary warm-up clubs to prepare for competition play. Designed with a scientifically-curved shaft to help golfers locate, train and perfect the Optimal Impact Position, DST clubs have become a common sight on driving ranges worldwide. In the past two months alone, DST Compressor usage has increased on Tour by over 50 percent, making it the No. 1 training club among top players and coaches alike.

“We want to congratulate these top players on their well-deserved wins and delight in the fact that they trust our clubs to optimize their performance,” says Bertie Cordle, founder and CEO of DST Golf, “With the Compressor, players of any skill level will immediately feel if their hands are not in the correct position at impact. The club effectively enables golfers to experience what the correct compression of the ball should feel like.”

Popular also among top ranked swing coaches, the curved shaft of the Compressor is engineered to replicate the shape of a normal shaft in the optimal impact position. This unique design helps golfers learn how to control the club face through impact and compress the ball, which leads to improved consistency, control and accuracy. Additionally, the club’s “Hand Position Alignment Marker” ensures players replicate the optimal impact position at set-up, thus simplifying the swing and ingraining the muscle memory needed to consistently achieve this scientifically-proven ideal position.

Developed by a former European Challenge Tour player after years of research on the biomechanics of impact, the DST Compressor teaches the golfer two things: how to swing the club on plane and how to maintain tension in the shaft until after impact. These are the two critical aspects to achieve better ball striking, control, consistency and accuracy.

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