Monday, November 24, 2014

The Speak Up Talk Radio Network Project Adds New Program – Those Weekend Golf Guys

The Speak Up Talk Radio Network announces the addition of another important radio program to its current lineup: Those Weekend Golf Guys – The Voice of the Average Golfer.

(Cleveland, OH) - Patricia Rullo, a syndicated radio host and consultant for Millennium Star Publishing, the company behind the new network explains, “Those Weekend Golf Guys brings together a hosting panel that consists of John Ashton, a radio broadcasting veteran, Tara Bassett, a television meteorologist, Jeff Smith, a card carrying PGA instructor, Biggs Tabler, the resident golf curmudgeon, and Pamela Denny, another experienced broadcaster. Because each host is an avid golfer, they bring different perspectives and ideas to the show. The program is fun, fast, and full of tips and tools that can help every golfer. They’ve improved my game and that’s saying a lot!”

The station’s model offers the benefits of live streaming combined with on demand and does away with time-slots and specific air times as a way to attract and retain more listeners. The Network also uses the power of their terrestrial radio and TV station affiliates nationwide to drive listeners to this online radio station.

Rullo concludes, “The Speak Up Talk Radio Network offers radio with a purpose: a forum and a talk radio community that has the space for talented people, with either terrestrial or online shows, to come together, speak up, and air their shows. When we speak up about topics that fuel our passion, we empower listeners to do the same. The radio network is designed to improve the lives of others and leave a legacy of positivity. It’s a project designed to benefit everyone involved.”

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