Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Golf Media Network Unveils The Grain 2014 Travel Edition

(Portland, Ore.) - Golf Media Network concludes its most successful publishing year yet with the release of The Grain’s: Travel Edition. The innovative digital publication set a new standard with its Ryder Cup issue, delivering more than 500,000 ad impressions for partners, and continuing to achieve open and click-through rates well above industry standards. The Travel Edition is the first under the revamped Golf Media Network banner, which now includes as separate entities The Grain, TheAPosition.com and Golf Road Warriors, a multi-platform media program in which some of the world’s best golf journalists produce original stories, video and Web content for golf resorts and destinations worldwide.

“We had a record-setting year in revenue and our new company structure opens the way for even greater opportunities for our partners in 2015,” says Managing Partner Jeff Wallach. “Almost all of our primary partners have re-committed for 2015 because they found that The Grain’s ability to reach core golfers is far greater than that of our competition. Our partnerships with golf associations, which distribute The Grain directly to their members, means the publication arrives from a trusted source.  So readers are more likely to open it. With the help of more than 40 partners, our circulation grew to almost two million in 2014.”

The 2014 Travel Edition features content about golf destinations ranging from Canada to Florida to China, and helpful information about how to best pursue golf travel around the globe.  Readers will also discover travel tips from renowned road warriors such as Gary Player and a collection of The A Position writers.  They’ll also have the opportunity to win trips to Florida and Myrtle Beach.

The Grain delivers unique content about golf’s major tournaments and the golf lifestyle in a unique digital format to 1.9 million readers through its golf association partners and partnerships with advertisers such as Shotzoom, makers of leading golf GPS app GolfShot; and National Golf Management, which owns and operates some of the best golf courses in Myrtle Beach.
Golf Media Network produces a multi-platform portfolio of golf content—including The Grain, Golf Road Warriors, and TheAPosition.com—and features work by the world’s best golf and travel writers. The term “The A Position” refers to the best place a golfer can land his tee shot. On the web, it refers to the site readers will want to land on for great golf and travel journalism.

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