Friday, December 17, 2021

Forbes Magazine Mexico Names Agustin Pizá as One of the Top 100 Creative Mexicans in the World

This is the second Forbes Magazine designation for Agustin Pizá

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – Pizá Golf, internationally recognized as a world-class architecture and golf course design firm, is proud to announce that company founder and lead architect Agustin (Augie) Pizá is featured in Forbes Magazine Mexico as one of the top one hundred creative Mexicans in the world.

“I am truly humbled. To be included with this prominent group of creative talents from Mexico is extraordinary and I take this inclusion serious. It motivates me to keep pushing my creative boundaries and continue to do out of the box golf course designs,” said Pizá. “And I extend my congratulations to Diego Boneta, Irene Azuela, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro, and my other fellow compatriots that made this exclusive list.”

According to business partner and Golf Channel Analyst Brandel Chamblee, “I think Augie could do for golf course architecture what Frank Lloyd Wright did for modern and contemporary architecture.”

Vridiana Mendoza Escamilla with Forbes Magazine Mexico penned an article on Pizá in the Top 100 Creative People issue that highlighted his 24-hole golf course that is based on the theory of chaos or the butterfly effect. Pizá is quoted, “A golf course is the only work of art you can play on. Golf architecture has a part of science and part art. Good architecture intertwines science, art and in balance with nature.” The first two Monarca Butterfly Effect Golf Courses are in development.

Forbes Magazine author Escamilla highlights other award-winning Pizá golf course concepts like Wellness Golf and Multipurpose Golf which have a smaller footprint and make the sport more inclusive.

“Thank you, Forbes Magazine Mexico, for your trust and contribution to golf architecture and for considering me in your top one hundred most creative Mexicans in the world,” added Pizá.

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