Tuesday, December 24, 2019

SPi 2.0 Actively Recruiting Golf Instructors

New World Class Fitting System Available for Top Instructors & Fitters;
SeeMore Offers Industry Best Putting Instruction Training & Certification Program

(RELEASE) — The SeeMore Putter Company is actively recruiting golf professionals and instructors who would love to increase lesson revenue in 2020 and play a leadership role in improving the game on the greens.

- Putting is 40% of the game.  But only 6% of lesson revenue comes from putting lessons.  That is the biggest missed opportunity in golf.

- Most golfers do not have a putting system of their own to fall back onto, or an instructor to return to, so this important aspect of the game is relatively ignored when it comes to real game improvement.  All golfers can improve their putting stroke, with the right guidance. SeeMore can help!

- Many instructors and fitters around the world have already found great success using the proven teaching methods of the SeeMore putting system.  It is based on simple fundamentals, and will help any teacher and fitter to make a great connection with new and existing students.  Putting is the great equalizer in golf.  Anyone can become a great putter.

Consider joining the SeeMore Putter Institute and becoming a SeeMore certified putting instructor and fitter, regardless of your specific position in golf. SeeMore’s SPi 2020 training and certification program is the best in the industry.  We understand that many of you in golf do have staff relationships and affiliations with other brands.  That is ok!

SeeMore is a great teaching club, as the system of improved alignment, improved speed control, an improved fit, and an improved stroke, can all be reinforced through the teaching and use of a SeeMore putter and its patented and proven “Hide the Red Dot” RifleScope Technology.

Contact SeeMore today to learn more about SeeMore’s SPi 2.0 program.  It is the best training and certification program in the industry.  And SeeMore is offering a new World Class fitting system and fitting tools in 2020 for top fitters and instructors!

Improved putting is the fastest way to better scores!

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