Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Miura x LinkSoul Collaboration Reimagines Blades with Minimalist Set

Color-coded, soul-stamped club heads offer golfers the classic, sharp look of blades with no distractions

(Scottsdale, AZ) – Today, Japanese club maker Miura announced a collaboration with lifestyle company LinkSoul, a partnership sure to please golfers with a discerning eye for sleek, no-frills golf clubs. This limited edition set combines the revered look and feel of Miura irons with the minimalist approach perfected by LinkSoul.

The Miura x LinkSoul Color Theory Irons set is a rare collection incorporating the classic look of famed Miura blades with color-coded labels and the trimmed Miura stamp along the sole. Moving
the labels and logos to the sole leaves the muscle back naked, for golfers who appreciate the pristine look of blade irons dating back to the beginnings of the game.

“LinkSoul was an ideal partner in this collaboration since they appreciate the same aspects of the game that we do at Miura — quality, design, and appeal,” Miura Golf CEO Hoyt McGarity said. “Our Color Theory Irons are unique in their appearance and playability, and an exciting new approach to the classic blade set that golfers will take interest in and come to appreciate.”

With the Color Theory Irons, Miura has added another line that complements its existing catalogue, while offering a different approach to traditional irons, with guidance from designer and LinkSoul co-founder Geoff Cunningham.

“We have long felt that our companies are so much in line,” Cunningham said. “Family based, with a belief that craftsmanship, care and attention to detail are what put the soul in everything we
produce. Miura was the perfect partner to make this daydream a reality.”

Along with the set’s minimalist appearance is a simple, feel-based progression in loft and design. This collaboration reinvents the concept of an iron set. Rather than the modern 7-club iron set, the
Color Theory Irons set is a unique 4-club set: a 25° long iron, 32° mid iron, 40° short iron, and 49° wedge, all with KBS $ Taper Black shafts.

This new set is perfectly weighted and lofted in its progression, without leaving a problematic large gap between distances. The Color Theory Irons are for golfers who not only love simple appearance, but simple playing, who prefer feel shots over punishing, dangerous power shots. With these four clubs, golfers can personalize their set with more room for wedges and woods without the confines of a large iron set.

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