Friday, October 26, 2018

Swing Coach Chris Como Joins Revolution Golf Staff

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – Golf instructor Chris Como, who has worked with some of golf’s most successful touring professionals on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour, including 14-time major champion Tiger Woods, Masters Champion Trevor Immelman and veteran Jamie Lovemark, today joined the faculty of expert instructors featured on Revolution Golf.

As part of Como’s multi-year relationship with Revolution Golf, he will be featured in a series of video instruction tips appearing on the website and will host a future instructional series, which includes a deep dive into the holistic golf swing, featuring appearances by multiple experts well versed in golf instruction, mechanics and human movement.

“I’m excited about the possibilities ahead as a new member of Revolution Golf’s faculty of instructors,” Como said. “People learn golf in different ways but all have a common desire to improve, and Revolution Golf provides that unique approach to instruction that today’s golfers demand, can trust and tap into whenever they want.”

“Chris considers all available tools to better understand the golf swing and ball flight, which makes him the epitome of the modern-day golf instructor,” said Justin Tupper, senior vice president of Revolution Golf. “Because he understands that each golfer is unique, Chris has gained the trust of some of the best players to have ever swung a golf club, as well as amateurs all over the world. His goal is to help all of us understand our golf swing better, so we can be our own best coaches.”

With a reputation as a true student of the golf swing – he has performed extensive research into biomechanics, publishing his work in scientific journals – and a long history studying with many of the preeminent teachers of the game, Como’s experience gives him the unique skill to translate sophisticated concepts into simple, tangible coaching practices.

Como joins Cameron McCormick, Sean Foley, Martin Hall, Jim McLean, Martin Chuck, and Andrew Rice as featured faculty members of Revolution Golf, the largest direct-to-consumer digital platform in golf.

Como is currently director of instruction at Dallas National Golf Club in Texas. He has been named to Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers in America” every year since 2013, and currently is included in Golf Digest’s “Top 50 Teachers in America,” as well as having been previously featured in the magazine’s “Best Young Teachers Top 40 Under 40 in America” and “Top Teacher in State.”

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