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Ten John Daly Health Habits to Avoid

by Jim Murphy
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John Daly burst onto the golf scene in 1991, when, as the ninth alternate, he won the 1991 PGA Championship.

With a drive that exceeded 400 yards and an everyday-man image, “Long John” quickly became a celebrity. His fame was only furthered when he won the 1995 British Open.

Since those days, Daly has struggled with weight, drinking, and gambling problems.

Now 50 years old, he’s eligible for the Senior PGA Tour and making a comeback in the media.

Lately, Daly has been more than open about his terrible health habits (although he doesn’t see them all as terrible). And if you want to live a long and healthy life, don’t repeat the following 10 John Daly healthy habits.

1. John “The Camel” Daly Never Drinks Water – 15 Diet Cokes Instead
Thanks to a 2016 Graham Bensinger interview, we have many insights into Daly’s eating and drinking habits. And one of the most shocking is that he never drinks water.

“I used to drink between 12 and 24 diet Cokes a day,” he said. “I went to McDonald’s three, four times a day. To me, they always had the best fountain drinks, fountain diet coke.”

Daly added, “I don’t drink water. I hate water. I cannot stand to drink water.”

Rich Beem and other fellow golfers have ironically nicknamed Daly “camel” because of his soda-drinking habits.

2. Daly Smokes 2-3 Packs of Cigarettes a Day
Daly started smoking cigarettes at the age of 19 and gradually increased the amount he was smoking to 2-3 packs a day.

When asked if he ever plans to lower his smoking volume, Daly said, “No, not really.”

3. Eating Several Big Macs and Cheeseburgers Per Meal
At one point in his career, Daly’s weight ballooned over 330 pounds. And a big reason why is his fast-food habits, which, luckily, have improved in recent years.

“Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, all of ’em,” Daly told Bensinger. “I used to be able to eat like two Big Macs, two-three cheeseburgers, chocolate shake, and a regular Coke back then, before I started drinking diet Cokes, in a sitting.”

4. Drinking 24-35 Beers in a Day
As a guy who has a cocktail named after him, John Daly obviously loves his booze. Daly said that he was a binge drinker, but his binges were far greater than the average person.

“I could probably drink a case to 35 beers easily in a day,” he said. “[Afterward] Still start drinking some whiskey or something.”

The one good thing about this is that Daly has never been an everyday drinker.

5. Eating 5-6 Packs of M&M’s a Day
Knowing that he couldn’t keep up his drinking habits forever, Daly cut down on his alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, this left his body craving the sugar that it had previously gotten from drinking. And so he started eating M&M’s like crazy to fill this craving.

“M&M’s, peanut M&M’s, loved ’em,” said Daly. “Probably [eating] four to six of the packs per day. Or it was ice cream. I still love to eat chocolate ice cream.”

6. Losing $55 Million through Gambling
John Daly is a notorious gambler who played everything from $5,000 slot machines to high stakes blackjack. Interestingly enough, he didn’t even know that he’d lost over $55 million in his lifetime until writing a book called My Life In & Out of the Rough.

Obviously your cortisol levels can rise when you’re losing this amount of money, which is never good. But at least Daly had fun losing the money.

“I love the action, I love the adrenaline,” he explained.

7. Coming Home at 7 a.m. before a Golf Tournament
Speaking with Bensinger about his drinking habits, Daly said that he frequently played in tournaments drunk because of how much alcohol he had the night/morning before.

“You get in at 7 [a.m.], 7:30 in the morning,” said Daly, “I got a tee time at 8:05 or 9 o’clock [the same day].”

8. Drinking so Much that You Temporarily Die
Daly drank so much in Morrilton, Arkansas once that he had to be rushed to the emergency room, where he was temporarily dead before having his stomach pumped.

“I had passed out, they [doctors] said they had to pump my stomach and all this,” said Daly. “They said that I was dead for over 9 seconds … they had to revive me. They said my blood-alcohol level was almost to four, 3.7 or 3.6.”

9. Trying to Punch through a TV
When you’re playing golf for a living, a bad round will really piss you off. But we don’t recommend taking your frustrations out the same way that Daly does.

“Sometimes I’d beat my bus up, sometimes I’d beat my car up, sometimes I’d beat my hotel room up,” he said. “The only thing I’ve ever done is hurt myself up luckily.”

Daly once tried to punch through his TV screen, only his hand didn’t go through. He then played the following day with a broken hand and won a tournament in South Africa.

Sadly, Daly’s ex-wife, Betty, tried to say that he beat her during an incident where he threw things around their Colorado home. Luckily, he had enough witnesses at the home to refute claims that Daly was a wife beater.

10. Drinking a Fifth, to Two-Fifths of Whiskey in a Day
One more tidbit from Daly’s binge drinking is that he used to drink a fifth or two-fifths of whiskey in a single day.

Daly said that he had to cut back on whiskey because he’d be dead by now if he didn’t.

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