Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Product Review: New Balance NBG2004 Golf Shoe

I easily made the transition from medal to plastic spikes in my golf shoes. The switch to spikeless hasn’t been as seamless, however. I love the comfort, but the (lack of) grip is often an issue.

Enter the NBG2004 from New Balance ... The best of both worlds.

The NBG2004 lightweight is a cleated golf shoe with comfort coming from the company’s REVLite midsole and wider footbed for some toe wiggle room. Beyond comfort, this footbed provides added balance - a must-have in the golf swing.

Aesthetically, the NBG2004 looks more like a running shoe than a traditional golf shoe ... Not surprising, given New Balance’s stellar reputation in the running community. This worried me, originally, as I have attempted to play golf in running shoes, which are designed for comfort at heel impact, with movement continuing to the forefoot.

Champ Slim-Lok Zarma Tour System
The problem: Actual running shoes are built too “high-up” and don’t provide lateral support. The NBG2004’s solution is a lower instep height, which helps the foot stay connected to the ground - improving overall feel.

An added bonus of the NBG2004 ... It’s waterproof! That’s a huge deal for someone who plays in the morning dew. Try walking through wet, ankle-high rough on the first couple holes and then squishing your way through the remainder of your round. It’s neither easy, nor enjoyable. The microfiber leather upper has the company’s ultralight FantomFit support and a welded form-fitted tongue construction. Three words: Feet. Stay. Dry.

Circling back to my original comment about spikeless shoes lacking grip ... The Champ Slim-Lok Zarma Tour cleat system on the NBG2004 will keep you in place through the most aggressive swings. Champ is the best cleat in the business, so this partnership is a win-win.

Learn more about the NBG2004 at www.newbalance.com.

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