Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Established Golf TV Program to debut 'Live' Online Network at PGA Merchandise Show

(DENVER, CO) - The trend is building in sports ... independently-produced live programming designed for loyal audiences viewing on mobile devices and computers. Joining this trend is Action Television, producers of Golf Life, a half-hour magazine show that premieres on Sunday Mornings with hundreds of airings monthly on Fox Sports Network regional affiliates for over 20 years. Golf Life "Live" will air 24/7 on the web via a live streaming platform at Additionally live segments will broadcast on Golf LIfe's social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Golf coverage across the industry is being offered in a live format, keeping with the trend of other major sports. ESPN, NBC, Major League Soccer, MLB, NFL, and others all offer some form of subscription-based viewing of their events and news. In golf, both the Golf Channel and the PGA Tour have recently offered some form of live coverage of their topics, events, and advertisers' content.

GolfLife, as an independently-produced program, does not cover play during tour events and does not focus on any one aspect of the golf industry for its diverse international viewing audience on television and on the web. The series and its program have historically focused on all aspects of the industry, including equipment, instruction, travel, leisure, and other features. Much like the television program, hosts Colton Little and Tiffany DiPanni will take viewers on an adventure to discover their individual golf lives. If you're a baby boomer looking for golf travel or real estate that might suit your retirement years, or a millennial focused on wild and weird new ways to enjoy the game of golf, or a seasoned enthusiast interested in quick video instruction, will take you there.

Action Television President and founder Mike Billingsley will continue as Executive Producer. Billingsley was asked what made unique and different. "Clearly it will be our content. We have over 20 years of compelling content from our television show that we can pull from for our live stream. Going forward, we can be more nimble than some of the other new platforms doing live golf programming because we're not tied to Tour events or an existing network format. We can be live on the West Coast in the morning at a kid's instructional event, live in Texas an hour later from the backyard course of one of America's top instructors, and live in the afternoon at the headquarters of an apparel company to cover a new line."

Re-joining the Executive Team is Dee Rambeau, former host and co-producer of Golf Life back in the 1990s. Rambeau is a veteran of sports marketing and now runs his own Communications firm, Rambeau Media, with offices in Denver and Austin. Rambeau will help oversee content development and channel development.

Also jumping on board with is sports industry veteran Barney Hinkle. Based in St. Louis, Hinkle spent over 20 years as a senior member of the Sports Entertainment and Marketing Division within Anheuser-Busch and also had a stint the PGA Tour as Corporate Marketing Manager early in his career. Hinkle will do business and corporate development for the new network.

Representing sponsorship and integration for Golf Life TV and developing the new digital platform is Ed Sanchez, the founder of Golf Pulp Media. As one of the leaders in digital marketing solutions in the game, Golf Pulp can consult with anyone interested in Golf Life TV, or the Golf Life Social Media and Email marketing solutions.

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