Sunday, January 15, 2017

Coach Labs Inc, Duotrac 4D Swing Sensor - Enhanced Version - Unveiled at 2017 PGA Show

New Coach/Player Feature for Instructors Coming this Summer – Must See Training App Booth #1289

(LONG BEACH, Calif.) - DuoTrac Golf, the world’s first complete 4D swing and weight shift analyzer, will unveil its enhanced sensors & mobile app at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., Booth #1289, January 25-27.

The new Coach/Player feature, launching summer of 2017, allows players to connect with their golf instructor who can tailor instruction to their specific needs. This provides instructors with business opportunities to personalize coaching remotely via the DuoTrac App.

DuoTrac’s 4D club face and weight shift technology is a major breakthrough over single sensor devices. The four-point sensor system provides four data points and four times the accuracy. DuoTrac gives you exact club data as well as the biomechanics of the body. It’s the most mobile and versatile training system on the market.
DuoTrac’s 4D wearable sensor technology tracks key performance factors: club face angle and hip sway, using two sensors attached to the club and two sensors on the player’s hips. The hip sensors provide data on weight shifts and hip sway; the club sensors show face angles throughout the motion. Weight shift and hip sway have a direct influence on club path, club face angle, angle of attack and speed.

“One thing many professionals have in common is they attack the ball from an “in-to-out or inside path” to achieve effortless power and accuracy,” said Jason Koo, CEO & Founder of DuoTrac. “Most golfers, have an over the top or outside-to-in path which uses the upper body to start the swing and not the core, which drives the power from the legs and hips. If you focus on proper hip and weight shift during the backswing and transition, you will see more speed and power especially when you engage your hips first to the start of your downswing.”

DuoTrac has increased its presence at the 2017 PGA Show including several demo bays inside the booth for PGA professionals, media and distributors to experience in real time. DuoTrac’s Director of Instruction will be on hand to demonstrate the potential of DuoTrac’s technology with training tips and drills.

DuoTrac is an excellent training device for golf instructors as well as for individual use. To set up a demo at the PGA show, contact PGA Professional, Tim Leible (Director of Instruction) at 772-318-9813.  For sales  contact Mark Hodson (VP of Sales) at 310-663-8577. For media interviews, contact Holly G. at 321-303-9684.

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