Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New and Improved GRIP-DRY Set to Be Unveiled at 2017 PGA Merchandise Show

(Macomb, MI) - First introduced at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show, GRIP-DRY is a patented product that solves one of the biggest problems golfers have faced since the inception of the game. If you are among the millions of golfers who play in the wet and early morning dew or right after a rain shower, then you understand the frustration of laying your club down in the grass in between shots or while you're putting, only to pick it up and find that your grip is now wet and slippery. GRIP-DRY protects your club's grip by keeping it elevated above the grass so it remains clean and dry and ready for your next shot.

Simply keep the GRIP-DRY in your pocket while you play and then just "SNAP IT ON YOUR SHAFT" before you lay your club down ... it's that easy. For ladies (without pockets) you can snap GRIP-DRY to any metal surface in your golf cart.

The original GRIP-DRY was considered one of the hottest new products at the PGA Show last year and now they're introducing a new and improved version at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Booth #3252.

The all new GRIP-DRY is available in three great new colors: Green, Yellow and White and now it features a convenient place to store your ball marker.

GRIP-DRY provides all these great benefits:
- Protects your grips by keeping them elevated from the wet grass, sand and toxic fertilizers
- Keeps your clubs in plain view. No more lost wedges left behind on or around the greens. It's your "no club left behind tool."
- Provides a convenient place to store your ball marker. No more searching in your pockets so you can mark your ball on the green.
- Saves your back & knees. No more bending over to push a tee into the ground or pick up your second club. Simply hook another club under the elevated grip...and lift.
- Made from durable impact grade plastic
- Great gift item for golf outings and corporate events
- Single or multi-color logo customization available in quantities

"We're very excited about introducing the new version of the GRIP-DRY at this year's PGA Show," said GRIP-DRY owner Gary Pizzimenti. "We received some great comments and feedback from our customers over the past year, so we decided to make some improvements. Like I always say, "SNAP IT ON YOUR SHAFTTM"... let GRIP-DRY do the work ... and leave no club behind."

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