Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Announces Reorganization and Restructuring

Company maintains commitment to building highest quality and most precise golf equipment in the world 

(Fort Worth, Texas) - The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company is going through a period of re-tooling and right-sizing in an effort to become more nimble and profitable in the highly competitive golf equipment business.

The Company has voluntarily implemented a reorganization initiative to minimize expenses and streamline the operation. This included the reduction of a large percentage of the exempt and non-exempt workforce, some of whom will be rehired as contract employees. The company has not declared bankruptcy nor been foreclosed upon, and remains in the business of producing and selling the highest quality and most precise golf equipment in the world.

"Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated," said Scott White, President and CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. "While our organization does not look the same today as it did in 2016, we are confident that the changes we are making will make us a stronger and better company in the future."

More information: www.benhogangolf.com.

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