Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Product Review: Protect Yourself from the Sun with BullFrog Sunscreen, Native Eyewear

We can all agree that the sun is good. Without it, there would be no life, after all.

It has also been well documented that the sun can be quite dangerous. Spending 4-5 hours on the golf course without protection from the sun is foolish.

That said, millions of golfers will lather up the sunscreen pre-round to protect their skin. How many think about their eyes? Squinting their way through 18 holes may be one way to deal with the sun, but that does little keep the damaging rays away.

This year, make a promise to yourself that you’ll pack your bag with sunscreen and sunglasses.

I was recently introduced to BullFrog Sunscreen. Originally engineered for surfers who stay in the water all day, Bullfrog was the first product to offer water-resistant protection from the sun. It has since expanded for land sports and 2-in-1 sunscreen/bug protection.

Three must-have-in-the-bag products from BullFrog include the Quik Gel, Quik Stik and Lip Balm. The SPF 50 gel absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your hands with a greasy feel. The Stik is ideal for the face - especially the nose. Keep the lip balm handy to apply throughout the round. The company recommends reapplying every 2 hours.

Find out more at www.bullfrogsunscreen.com and check out their sun safety tips HERE.

Your eyes are too important to neglect. In addition to increased possibility of skin cancer on or around your eyes, prolonged exposure to damaging UV rays can lead to cataracts. Left untreated, cataracts can lead to blindness.

The Hardtop Ultra XP from Native Eyewear is in my bag for the 2016 golf season. With polarized lenses, these sunglasses block up to 4 times more infrared light than regular polarized lenses.

According to the company, they also pass Z87.1 testing and provide UV protection up to 400nm (nanometer). Also, by reducing blue light and selectively filtering UV, they deliver high contrast, crisp definition and peak visual acuity.

For those of you have not played in sunglasses, I’d recommend some extra time on the range before taking them out to the course. Today’s lens technology is a far cry from its predecessors - giving you a feeling of always being one step away from going downhill when looking down - but it is still a different sensation than playing sans eyewear.

Once on, the Hardtop Ultra XP feel and look great. The “Flex Metal” adjustable nose pad system provides a custom fit that doesn’t slip. The lenses are easily interchangeable, as well. You can choose from eight different colors to meet your needs - athletically or aesthetically.

See everything Native has to offer at www.nativeyewear.com.

Bottom line: Before you tee it up in the sun, make sure you’re protected.

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