Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Masters Prop Bets Keep Tiger in the Game

(RELEASE) – Not since the heyday of Tiger and Phil has there been a more anticipated Masters as the new crop of superstars have clearly stepped to the forefront. And to nobody's surprise, the odds-makers at, have instated Jason Day 20/3; Jordan Spieth 15/2 and Rory McIlroy 8/1 as the clear favorites to be wearing a green jacket on Sunday. And if you're pretty sure one of the big three will win, you can get 11/6 odds betting Day, McIlroy or Spieth.

The odds-makers also offer many other props including; winning score over/under at 277.5; Sunday's winner to be wearing a white shirt 5/2 or green shirt 9/1; and despite his absence, there's an over/under of 9.5 on the amount of time CBS broadcasters will mention Tiger Woods' name during the four rounds. If you are looking for a long-shot, the odds are 55/1 that Wednesday's par 3 content winner also wins The Masters – it's never happened. For additional props and analysis, visit

2016 Masters Props
Odds to win the 2016 Masters:
Jason Day: 20/3
Jordan Spieth: 15/2
Rory McIlroy: 8/1
Bubba Watson: 13/1
Adam Scott: 15/1
Phil Mickelson: 17/1
Rickie Fowler: 17/1
Dustin Johnson: 17/1
Henrik Stenson: 25/1
Justin Rose: 25/1

Odds that either Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, or Jason Day will win 2016 Masters: 11/6

Over/under on the winning score at the 2016 Masters: 277.5 o/u

Odds on whether there will be a hole-in-one at the 2016 Masters: 8/3

Odds on who will finish highest at the 2016 Masters:
Jason Day: 9/4
Jordan Spieth: 5/2
Rory McIlroy: 7/2
Bubba Watson: 7/1
Adam Scott: 9/1

Odds that Phil Mickelson will make the cut at the 2016 Masters: 1/12

Odds that the 2016 Masters winner will be from the United States: 11/10

Odds that winner of Wednesday's par 3 contest will also win 2016 Masters: 55/1

Odds that the 2016 Masters will the first major victory for the winner: 3/1

Over/under on the number of times Tiger Woods' name will be mentioned during CBS' coverage of the 2016 Masters: 9.5 o/u

Over/under on the number of Tiger Woods highlights that CBS will show during its coverage of the 2016 Masters: 5 o/u

Over/under on number of f-bombs that will be audible during CBS' coverage of the 2016 Masters: 2.5 o/u

Odds on the primary shirt color for the 2016 Masters winner in the final round of the tournament:
White: 5/2
Blue: 3/1
Black: 4/1
Red: 7/1
Green: 9/1
Other: 13/1

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