Friday, April 8, 2016

Product Review: Aveo Golf Places Focus on Big & Tall Golfers

I was standing in the parking lot of Hickory Grove Golf Course in Jefferson, Ohio. My golf coach was passing out shirts from the trunk of his car as our high school team was about to play its first match of the season. A couple mediums, a few larges and we come to a plus-sized teammate ... “Here’s two, sew them together.”

While it was an uncharacteristically cruel comment by an otherwise sweet man, it was indicative of what larger golfers have had to deal with when choosing on-course apparel. Finding stylish performance clothing for big-and-tall golfers has been a struggle.

Enter Aveo - a small company with a focus on big (and tall) golfers.

The Hero short sleeve polo, for instance, comes in 2X, 3X and 4X and features the company’s breath-rite mesh panels to keep golfers ventilated, cool and comfortable on the course. Big AND tall? It also comes in XLT, 2XLT and 3XLT.

Aesthetics aside (this is a good-looking shirt), the Hero polo addresses three major concerns big fellas have on the course:
Comfort - The full-chest design allows ample room for the golf swing.
Overheating - Between the breathe-rite side panels and moisture wicking material, golfers stay cool and dry.
Untucked - The generous length stays where it’s supposed to. Swing away and be confident in your appearance.

Aveo’s unique high-performance polyester blend is highly breathable and provides the perfect amount of stretch needed to turn through a monster drive.

In addition to the Hero polo (available in red, white or blue), Aveo sells a cool logo tee, pants and shorts. The bottoms are each offered in one-pleat and flat-front. Fortunately, they promise you can “fully squat on the green without fear of ripping anything.” That’s excellent news!

If you’re a big and/or tall golfer, make your way over to and "Play Fearlessly."

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