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Knuth Golf’s High Heat Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids to be on Display at ING Spring Conference

(RELEASE) - The wildly popular High Heat brand of metal woods from Knuth Golf will be available for attendees to test at the 26th Annual ING Spring Conference in May.

The ING Conference, golf’s unique gathering of media and golf industry executives, will take place May 22-26 at the charming Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT, 45 minutes from Salt Lake City. Anyone in the golf industry or media is invited to attend.

Knuth Golf will participate in the Demo Lab, where exhibitors display clubs for attendees to try first-hand. Knuth will also take part in the popular One-On-One Appointment Show, a series of 15-minute private meetings between exhibitors and media members.

Knuth Golf took the PGA Merchandise Show by storm for the second straight year in January, with clubs designed for the amateur swing. In 2015 it was the High Heat Driver, called by Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated and Golf.Com “the most significant technological innovation in golf equipment” from the show.

The company launched its High Heat fairway woods and Hybrids at this year’s PGA Show, and once again the reviews have been extremely positive. “Incredibly easy to hit,” “hot-faced” and “I was left wondering what Knuth knows that other manufacturers don’t” were among the descriptions served up by writers in their reviews of the High Heat fairway woods and hybrids.

“We are so pleased that the golf writers and media have embraced our High Heat metalwoods,” said club designer Dean Knuth, who included the key technology of the High Heat driver in the fairway woods and hybrids. “We look forward to more media members having the opportunity to try our clubs at the ING Spring Conference, a must-attend for golf equipment companies.

“Our chief goal is to assist amateur golfers of all skill levels in their quest to get better and gain more enjoyment from golf.”

The High Heat fairway woods and hybrids come with Knuth Golf’s Optimal Center of Gravity (CG) Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies™ that enabled its High Heat driver to provide amateur golfers with a 25% deeper and 18% lower CG compared to major brands’ average CG location. This technology resulted in the High Heat Driver being longer, straighter and more forgiving according to Golf Laboratories, which is the world’s recognized leading robot testing company.

In addition to Knuth Golf’s CG and Face Technologies, there are four other design features by former USGA Senior Director Knuth that differentiate the High Heat fairway woods and hybrids from their competitors:
1) High Heat’s fairway woods and hybrids feature a Beta titanium cup face, providing a significantly increased spring-like effect across the entire face for extra distance and increased forgiveness compared to traditional steel faces.
2) The High Heat fairway woods feature a much wider club face than major brands. Since most of amateurs’ off-center misses are on the toe or heel, the wider face provides a higher spring-like effect and more forgiveness.
3) Most amateurs struggle to get their 3 wood into the air when hitting off the deck, so Knuth addressed this in his design. With its deep and low CG High Heat’s fairway woods are easier to swing and produce a higher launch angle that enables golfers to easily get the ball airborne.
4) The High Heat hybrids are also easier to hit and square up to the face at contact because of their much deeper and lower CG and because the CG angle is approximately 25% larger than major brands’ leading models’ average CG angle.

Like the High Heat driver the year before, the hybrids and fairway woods appeared on several major media’s “top products” lists from the PGA Show.

Here are some of the most recent comments from golf media who tested the High Heat metalwoods at the PGA Show:
“Hot face for added distance; Driver can yield big gains in distance; hybrid is no different.” – Colorado Avid Golfer.

“Visited Knuth Golf at PGA demo day. Hit  their new High Heat  3 wood and #3 hybrid. They are incredibly easy to hit; really enjoyed it, got the ball up in the air with long distances. If you are any kind of golfer, from low to high handicapper  give them a go. I am sure you will like them.”  --Kit Alexander, Senior Editor, Golf World Magazine.

Tony Leodora, host of Golf Talk Live radio show and The Traveling Golfer TV show, selected both the High Heat fairways and hybrids for his 13th Annual “Tony’s Top 10 List” from the PGA Show, referring to them as “hot-faced metalwoods.” He added:
"In all of my years in the golf industry, very seldom have I seen a product take the industry by storm like the High Heat driver did in 2015.

Now, as a logical extension of that process, engineering guru Dean Knuth has produced a line of hybrids and fairway woods that integrates the same solid principles as the driver -- easy to hit, yet red-hot results off the face of the club."

“The High Heat driver from Knuth Golf was one of the most talked about clubs last year. This year at the PGA Show, Knuth debuted a High Heat 3-wood. Those who hit it said balls took off like they were headed for outer space. (Ok, I exaggerate slightly.) They also unveiled a High Heat Hybrid, which had equally good comments.” --
Kathlene Bissell,  Pro Golf Now, SI.Com.

Jim Frank’s “Best From The PGA Show” published in Links Magazine included the High Heat driver. He wrote: “High Heat—which is made for amateurs, not pros—is long as well as forgiving, thanks to some things you can’t see inside the clubhead. One thing you can see is the polished clubface, which will tell you after every shot exactly where you made contact, good to know if you want to improve.”

“Dean Knuth’s highly-acclaimed High Heat driver was the find of the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show, and it has since helped thousands of mid/high-handicap golfers hit the sort of drives they hadn’t hit in years. Naturally, many were eager for Knuth to add to the product list. Last week they got their wish as the former US Navy and USGA engineer introduced the High Heat Fairway Woods and Hybrids at the PGA Merchandise Show. And yet again, I was left wondering what Knuth knew that other manufacturers didn’t.”  --Tony Dear, Contributor, Colorado Avid Golfer.

For more information about Knuth Golf, visit www.knuthgolf.com or call 410-353-0446.

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