Tuesday, April 12, 2016

LugLoc Distributed in North America by H4Distribution

(JUPITER, Florida) – LugLoc, the first-ever luggage locator, now is being distributed throughout North America by H4Distribution. LugLoc won the 2015 Product Innovation Award at the 2015 Travel Goods Show.

“LugLoc is the perfect solution to every golfer’s concern about lost clubs or luggage,” said Laurent-Alix Huguet, CEO of H4Distribution. “We know golfers will flock to LugLoc as they discover it.”

In airline travel alone, there are 30 million lost-luggage claims each year, affecting 42 million passengers in thousands of airports. LugLoc allows golfers using the LugLoc mobile app to know where their golf bags and luggage are at all times.

About LugLoc
LugLoc, placed inside a golf travel bag or piece of luggage, gives travelers peace of mind as they take control, traveling worry-free, knowing they can check their luggage location any time. By tapping the app in a smart phone to trace bags, golfers or airline passengers can tap worldwide cellular phone networks in real time to trace bags and view the information on a mobile device app screen. Bluetooth proximity technology inside can provide close-proximity tracking to find bags at the airport carousel or at the golf course. The rechargeable battery in the LugLoc device lasts over 15 days.

The most important advantage of LugLoc for golfers is increased security and confidence: knowing when a set of golf clubs will appear at an airport baggage claim, locating a golf bag if misplaced by resort staff, finding one’s golf bag on a cart or bag drop at a large outing and, significantly, decreasing the chance a golfer will be playing with rental clubs instead of his own trusted equipment on a dream trip to St Andrews, Scotland, or any other destination. LugLoc makes golf bags smart and allows golfers to take control, knowing the precise location of their equipment during travel – or any time.

For more information, see www.h4distribution/lugloc.

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