Monday, April 18, 2016

Product Review: Longball Golf

When I think of Canadian exports, the first things to come to my mind are great hockey and beer. Aspects pertaining to golf are considerably down the list. Longball Golf may be changing the order.

Engraved Longball snaps
Based on a belief of working hard and playing harder, Longball boasts an impressive array of performance apparel and accessories.

For men, the company offers golf shirts, shorts and pants, as well as “lifestyle” apparel - hoodies, tees and workout tops - and outerwear. Ladies can choose from golf shirts, shorts, pants, skirts and outerwear.

We took a few items out for a test drive - the Fuel workout tee, Trigger golf shirt and Flow 1/4-zip. The Fuel tee is ideal for golfers working to get themselves in shape, in addition to their game. It’s a polyester/spandex blend with ventilation patterns that will keep you cool and handle all the sweat you’ve earned.

The Trigger golf shirt is also a poly/spandex blend. It comes equipped with a modern fit and style to make you stand out on the course for all the right reasons. The Longball-engraved snaps add an additional element of flash.

Coming from someone who practically lives in 1/4 zips, the Flow is a solid addition to any wardrobe - on the golf course or running around town. This is either the ultimate layering piece or a brilliant stand-alone sweater. You’re call.

If you’re into hats and accessories, Longball has you covered on those fronts, too ... from traditional and flat-billed caps to visors and skullies. They even sell a Hogan-style cap, which is coming back in a strong way thanks to the play of PGA Tour rookie Bryson DeChambeau’s rising popularity.

Accessories include socks, belts, duffle bags and more. There’s even a very cool leather tour bag.

I’ve barely scratched the surface. To check out the complete Longball shop, visit

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