Sunday, October 12, 2014

Let Technology Assist in Finding Your Lost Golf Clubs

(Ocala, FL) – One of the most frustrating situations a golfer faces is the loss of a favorite club. Whether left near a bunker or having fallen out of your bag, that club is likely to be a favorite you use regularly to help you play your best and enjoy your round.

Often more frustrating is that the cost of trying to replace that favorite putter or hybrid for yourself or family member. This can be a budget breaker even if you can find a used one just like that lost club.

Enter Caditag … the new revolutionary, technology based golf club tracking system, which assists in reuniting golf clubs with their rightful owners at a very affordable price.

Through the innovative Caditag system, a golfer has a better chance of being reunited with his or her favorite club or clubs by using a set of individualized Caditag serialized numbered labels that can be entered into a website and used to send a golfer a text message advising where they have left their club(s).

Ocala/Marion County is the first location where Caditag will be distributed through Gals Love Golf Too.

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