Friday, October 10, 2014

Fore Golf-A-Holics Offers Largest Collection of Golf Lifestyle Wear for Golfers to Wear After Golf

(Orlando, FL) – Fore Golf-a-holics now offers the largest, most comprehensive line of products for golfers to Wear Golf After Golf. Fore Golf-a-holics shares its passion for golf with all golf fans from the 1st Tee to the 19th Tee. now offers unique kids products from The Littlest Golfer; humorous golf t-shirts from High 5 Golf, and exciting new Women’s styles from Tee Time Couture.

Fore Golf-a-holics is the first lifestyle brand dedicated to golfers on and off the course. There are over 57 million amateur golfers in the world and many more who watch but aren’t active participants in the sport. Fore Golf-a-holics knows that both casual golfers and avid golf-a-holics are passionate about golf and wear tee shirts, hats as well as use their cell phones, amongst many other consumer products. This is why Fore Golf-a-holics created the lifestyle brand for those individuals to “Wear Golf After Golf.”

Fore features gifts perfect for The Littlest Golfer in your life; from books, plush toys, and clubs, to bibs, tee shirts, and hats. Fore Golf-a-holics offers the greatest selection of products that encourage kids to love golf, but still be kids.

“We love this collection; parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can now share their passion for golf with loved ones,” stated Jason Takacs, Fore Golf-a-holics’ Founder.

Ladies, we believe that Women can share their passion for golf on and off the golf course without dressing like a man. It is for this reason, that Fore Golf-a-holics has added the Tee Time Couture fashion line. The Tee Time Couture line features fashionable and functional capris, skorts, polos, and jackets. In addition, Fore exclusively features the Tee Time Couture Birdie Tee available in three different styles.

“I designed the Tee Time Couture Birdie Tee because I love golf, but I also want to wear a shirt that is both flattering and comfortable. We’re proud to offer the Birdie Tee as a Fore Golf-a-holics exclusive,” stated Ashley Jones, Tee Time Couture Founder.

Fore Golf-a-holics has products for everyone with a passion for golf regardless of their skill level and regardless of whether or not they even play the game.  The Fore Golf-a-holics lifestyle brand includes the 19th Tee Tee Shirts and Mugs for golf fans hanging out watching a tournament; American Tee Hats for our Veterans; 1st Tees for our baby golf-a-holics; original mobile cases from Pukka; and Fore Golf-a-holics Decals for every golf fan.

This month Fore Golf-a-holics is featuring the Breast Cancer Awareness Tee. $5 from the sale of every Breast Cancer Awareness Tee will be donated to the American Cancer Society. For more information on Fore Golf-a-holics or to request a catalog, visit

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