Saturday, October 18, 2014

Entertaining and Educational Golf Story Explains Etiquette Through Humor

'The Golf Rules-Etiquette' tells the story of a municipal golfer on a country club course and his challenge to display golf etiquette

(Amherst, OH) - Author Richard Todd realized that he was taught some golf rules and etiquette incorrectly. This misinformation had caused great embarrassment to him on the course. In his latest publication, “The Golf Rules-Etiquette,” he reveals a better way to enhance golf etiquette through a story format. This book is both educational and entertaining, a combination that readers will find hard to resist. “The Golf Rules-Etiquette” is the follow-up book to “The Golf Rules,” which explains the rules of stroke play.

Golfers enjoy playing the game for many reasons and have varying levels of proficiency. Regardless of skill level, each golfer must display respect for other golfers, the course, and towards this grand and ancient game. Through this book, three unique golfers with different styles and abilities will show the right and wrong ways to act on the course.

It is the intention of this book to show breeches in golfing etiquette through stories and make them easy to understand. Each encounter is described in real life examples and explained in everyday language. This is the kind of book where readers learn while laughing.

“The Golf Rules” series is a truly interesting way of learning the ins and outs of the game of golf. Readers will be able to have the right answers and learn how to handle questionable situations on the golf course through this insightful book.

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About the Author
Richard Todd is a life-long golfer who is passionate about the game. Todd was trained on the rules of golf by the USGA/United States Golfing Association and the PGA/Professional Golfers Association. Todd lives in Ohio with his wife and two teen-age children. During the summer, he can be found on the course with his father and his son; three generations in one group. When not golfing, he reads, writes, thinks, and talks about golf. He is available for presentations on writing and golf.

"The Golf Rules-Etiquette" by Richard E. Todd
Enhance Your Golf Etiquette by Watching Others’ Mistakes
Publication Date: October 8, 2014
Trade Paperback; $12.99; 108 pages; 978-1-940466-17-0
e-book; $5.99; 978-1-940466-19-4

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