Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MovCov Moveable Covers Provide Comfort on the Practice Tee

(RELEASE) - Moveable Covers offers easy-to-move, value-priced mobile canopies for protection from the elements, for ranges, teaching pros, events and clubs.

The innovative MovCov moveable cover was developed to provide protection from the rain and offer shade from the sun, allowing teaching pros to get in more lessons, make practice and teaching more comfortable and ranges to increase revenue.  In addition, the design allows the addition of logos and information to promote your brand or service or add additional revenue streams via sponsors.

The canopies are built with convenience and value in mind – durable, attractive, versatile and long-lasting.  The frames, up to 42 feet in width, can be easily moved by one or two people without motors or special equipment when not in use or simply to move to a different section of turf.

Designed in collaboration with Clemson University’s Department of Civil Engineering, the MovCov moveable cover is light enough to be moved easily and quickly but strong enough to protect users in winds up to 45 miles per hour.

Jim Prince, president of Moveable Covers LLC dba MovCov says, “The MovCov moveable cover is a unique solution that lends itself to any number of situations and industries. Exceptionally simple, cost-effective and strong, the cover provides protection from the weather when and where you want, at a cost far less than other options.  This allows any size business to monetize their outdoor space, maximize productivity and ramp up efficiency levels.”

The moveable cover concept can be used at golf driving ranges and teaching facilities to increase revenues by allowing continued use of the facilities even during wet or excessively hot weather. The shelter also provides teaching pros and their students protection from harmful UV rays and prolonged sun exposure. The cover also provides a teaching area and privacy from the rest of the practice tee.

The MovCov cover is available in four standard sizes ranging from 12 feet wide up to 42 feet, with custom sizes also available. Prices start at $4200.  Custom colors and logos, along with options such as shade mesh, drapes and a retractable cover are also available.  Delivery and installation are available in most areas.

MovCov also offers financing options. Additional information is available online at www.movcov.com or from a network of industry sales representatives in the United States.

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