Friday, October 17, 2014

Tour Edge Releases Hot Launch Iron-Wood

New design, new look, best of the Iron-Woods yet

(Batavia, IL) – Engineers have completely reconfigured the Tour Edge Iron-Wood with the Hot Launch model. The new Iron-Wood surpasses all hybrid expectations.

As a proven industry leader in hybrid technology, Tour Edge engineers knew it was important to improve on past designs by focusing on one trait at a time. One main enhancement was increasing the clubhead volume to achieve more forgiveness. The larger head size allowed more weight to be positioned low and farther away from the face, allowing the Hot Launch to hit higher, straighter shots.

From the face to back, the depth of the Iron-Wood heads are also more progressive. The longer irons are deeper, and shorter irons feature a thinner sole width similar to a standard iron. The shape changes improve the visual aspect of the clubs, and make them our easiest to hit Iron-Wood yet.

Engineers drastically modified the design of the Iron-Wood face for added distance and more forgiveness. The forged maraging steel face is larger and unsupported inside the hollow hyper steel body. The face also includes variable face thickness to ensure that hits on all areas of the face launch down the fairway and on to the green. The heavier steel sole and hollow body combination increases launch angle and forgiveness on every shot.

Designers also wanted an updated look for the Iron-Wood. An alignment stripe atop the crown acts as the perfect accompaniment to this classic Iron-Wood design.

The Hot Launch Iron-Woods carry Edge’s lifetime warranty, 30-day play guarantee, and are now available in retail locations across the nation. Available in Hot Launch proprietary Graphite shafts. Sold individually or as a complete set, available in 2 hybrid-LW. Suggested retail: $79.99 (Individually), $499.99 (7 PC Set).

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