Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HIRZL Long Drive Team Prepares for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship

Captures Eight World Titles the Past Two Years

(Granbury, TX) - For the past two years, over 80% of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship field has trusted their 150 mph golf swings to HIRZL gloves, claiming eight world titles, and establishing HIRZL as the winningest glove at the championship by outperforming all the other glove manufacturers combined.

“As the world’s longest drivers begin to compete head to head at this year’s event, the one common denominator for success is HIRZL gloves,” said Steve Gray, Vice President of HIRZL North America.  “We look forward with great anticipation to this year’s event knowing that the HIRZL Long Drive team will compete with the ultimate grip advantage.”

Some of the featured HIRZL Long Drive Team competitors at this year’s RE/MAX World Long Drive finals include:

Lynn Ray: Competing in the senior division, Lynn had the longest ball of the day for both open and senior divisions at the Hawaii qualifier.  “When you swing your driver as hard and fast as I can you need to have a glove you can trust and count on. That's why I use the HIRZL Trust Control Gloves.”

Tim Burke: Competing in the Open division. “I feel truly blessed to be a part of the HIRZL Long Drive Team.  The durability, grip, and fit is unlike any glove out there.  It allows you to grip the club loose to maximize your distance.”

Bobby Peterson: Qualified for the senior division.  “It was very hot and humid at the qualifier.  It’s a great feeling to know that my hands were not going to slip. This gave me the confidence to swing as hard as I wanted.”

Eric Lunt: Qualified for the Open division. “HIRZL gloves kept my hands steady and dry all day.”

Kody Zurek: Qualified with a drive of 383 yards - the longest ball of his qualifier by 18 yards

James East:  Competing in both the Open and Senior divisions

Heather LeMaster:  Competing in the women’s division

HIRZL is a global pioneer in high performance sports gloves where innovation and precision engineering is at the heart of the HIRZL philosophy and is supported by a focus on design excellence and top quality production.

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