Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zero Friction Advantage Clubs Receive High Reviews

(Oakbrook Terrace, IL) - In an ongoing effort to provide innovative, top quality, performance golf products, Zero Friction recently introduced the ZF Advantage Club Series. This elite series of performance clubs, reasonably priced for all ability levels, includes a Driver, Fairway 3-wood and Hybrid, each available in black and white.

The ZF Advantage Driver, which retails for $199.00, boasts a 460cc Titanium body which offers outstanding distance and control. Its sleek head design features a tungsten copper weight and extra-large facing, creating a larger sweet spot to forgive off center hits. The 15° loft Fairway Wood, priced at $159.00, has a specially designed tungsten copper weight toward the rear of the sole, creating a lower center of gravity that resists toe pull-down, getting the ball airborne faster. The series 24° loft Hybrid, retailing at $149.00, features PDV technology in addition to the tungsten copper sole, making it easier to get the ball out of the rough and difficult fairway lies.

Launched at the PGA Show in Orlando earlier this year, "We knew that this would be a difficult category to enter but we saw the need in the marketplace for an affordable elite performance brand of clubs. After much research and development we were able to deliver just that" said John Iacono, President and Founder of Zero Friction. "We don't think you should have to pay a fortune for great golf clubs, especially now when consumers and the industry as a whole are feeling the strain from this difficult economy."

Major golf publications agree. Golf Tips Magazine's Equipment Buyers Guide wrote, "We love that these high-performance clubs are affordable as well as really long and forgiving." Their April 2012 Issue's review of the ZF Advantage Hybrid states "It has a sleek performance look that's easy to launch and won't break the bank. Perfect for value minded golfers of all skill levels that are looking for a premium performance product."

Golfing Magazine had this to say: "In live range tests with golfers of various skill levels Zero Friction Advantage woods were equal to, or outperformed many of the much higher priced clubs. It is an ideal wood for a wide range of value minded golfers of all skill levels who seek outstanding quality and performance at an affordable price."

A recent review in London Ontario Golf stated, "We tested the ZF Advantage driver, fairway wood and hybrid, and were pleasantly surprised with their performance. When testing the 9.5° driver with the stiff Zero Friction shaft (low kick point) we were surprised by both its length and accuracy. Amongst the three clubs, the ZF Advantage fairway wood is the star - we couldn't believe the distance we achieved at the range. Like the ZF Advantage driver, the fairway wood has a lively face - the ball jumps off this club. We tested the 15° 3-wood with stiff shaft and instantly put it in our bag for a round and saw positive results. When we tested the hybrid we found it very easy to sweep or hit down on the ball like an iron shot. Distance and accuracy were above average, too."

Consumers and golf professionals agree with Zero Friction that it is unnecessary to pay more for top quality performing clubs. "We don't believe in introducing a product just for the sake of doing so," said Iacono. "We knew that like our tees and other products, once the industry and golfers had a chance to use the clubs they would see they delivered in all areas: quality, performance and best of all price."

Zero Friction will continue to add to the series and is currently developing a 5-wood and putter to be introduced in the near future. Zero Friction Advantage clubs are currently available in select retail locations and on line at


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