Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cutter & Buck’s ANNIKA Collection Gets Edgy for Spring ’13

Aspire, Dangerous, Fringe lines hint at willingness to ‘push the envelope’

(SEATTLE) — Cutter & Buck’s popular ANNIKA Collection for women, named and designed for legendary golfer Annika Sorenstam, will introduce a Spring 2013 line that is edgy – both striking and functional - and reflects the kind of force of nature spirit of the woman who inspires the line.

The ANNIKA Aspire, Dangerous and Fringe lines for Spring ’13 will give women golfers an array of on-course, slimmer fitting garments featuring nature-inspired prints, plus cool, technical palettes and trims.

ANNIKA Collection Aspire
The first ANNIKA delivery for Spring ’13 finds inspiration from the purity of glaciers, the glistening North Pole and polar bears.  The colors for this line are Blitz (deep blue), Glacier, (pale blue) and Gravel (neutral grey).

The nature-inspired Aspire print mock has a concealed zipper at the mock neck, stitched down armhole facings, and colorblock styling with placed print at the front. The Astrid printed skort boasts a strata-like print in the Gravel color, seamed together as in a geological formation, with angled piercing at both the front and back. With a luminous foil-print jersey that resembles liquid silver, Aspire’s Glisten polo shirt accentuates comfort. The contrasted collar and reflective tape adds to this polo’s classy look.

ANNIKA Collection Dangerous
Just the name alone offers proof that the ANNIKA Spring ’13 line has got edge.  The colors –  Burnt, Rock and Earthen Brown – exude “adventure” and that is exactly what is being conveyed through the Dangerous line.  The Curve Hybrid full zip is a beautiful hybrid jacket in the champagne-like Rock color, a double-layer mock with piercing at both the front and back. There are front pockets with zippers on each side, a chin guard ensures ample covering for a cool spring day on the course.  The line’s Brenna skort, also in the Rock color, pushes the limit while accenting feminine details in a lustrous cross-dye technical woven.

ANNIKA Collection Fringe
This aptly named line comes in three colors: White, Black and Poem. The Prima Polo shows off silvery insets of foiled jersey, along with a hit of fringy tulle at the back. The Venture mock, meanwhile, provides wearers with a great SunTec mock that is striking and functional. With an asymmetrical exposed zipper opening, and a foil print inside collar, the Venture mock is available in both White and Poem.

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