Friday, July 13, 2012

TEF TEE Continues to Grow on Champions Tour

The highly recognizable TEF TEE performance golf tee with TEFLON Technology was again chosen by several contenders as part of their essential performance equipment at the Nature Valley First Tee Open in Pebble Beach, CA. Based on company reports, 4 top 10 and 9 top 25 finishers used the innovative tees.

"With the number of Champions Tour pros switching from wood tees to TEF TEE growing so dramatically, its no surprise we are seeing more and more players atop the leader-board," said Greg MacKeen, inventor of the innovative tees.

By virtually eliminating all frictional forces between the tee and the ball, TEF TEE golf tees allow the club to transfer energy more efficiently to the ball, and let the ball release easier. This reduces backspin and sidespin, resulting in longer, straighter drives, which is why pros on all tours are converting from wood tees to performance tees in record numbers.

Robotic tests at the industry's acclaimed Golf Laboratories, Inc. in Carlsbad, CA proved TEF TEE performance tees had 19% less off center dispersion than wood tees as well as 6.5 yards more distance.

The distinctive new white tees with the back head are showing up all over the leader-boards of tour events as more and more touring pros are discovering that improved driving results are as easy as switching tees. This renewed interest and credibility for performance tees is helping drive growth in the category.

When it comes to reducing friction and increasing driving distance, TEF TEE is surpassed by no one and recognized as the world leader in tee technology. Only TEF TEE delivers Greater Performance three ways:

1. Greater Distance & Accuracy thanks to our patent pending Teflon technology which results in the lowest friction between the tee and the ball, allowing more efficient transfer of energy from the club to the ball, as the ball releases from the tee surface with less backspin.

2. Greater Playability because the 6 prongs make it easier to balance the ball and the rigid shank inserts easily into even the hardest ground.

3. Greater Value because a single tee often last 5-6 rounds, or 15-20 times as long as wood tees, which also helps keep the courses litter free.

No wonder TEF TEE is the Fastest Growing Tee on Tour.

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