Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Starting Time Announces added interest in their new high performance tees - 'TIPS'

The first shipment of these newly developed performance tees from South America are now in the United States and ready to ship to pro shops and retailers, according to Hugh Penton, Starting Time President.

Over three years of development work went into the final design. South American golf pros and U.S. engineers shared in the development of these exceptional new tees. The result is a true revolution in tees that are designed to add extra yardage on tee shots. These are not just for the golfer who hits only from the black tees, the “tips”, but for all golfers wishing to add extra length and straightness to their tee shots. They are for all types of golfers wishing to improve their scores by getting off the tee box with better, straighter shots, according to Penton. Why not pick up the extra yards and the straighter shots as long as it is approved by the USGA and the R&A?

These tees are the result of an ingenious design, and the use of the most flexible PVC on the market. On the top edge, the engineers have put eight tips for the ball to gently rest on, producing less fiction and better control over the spin of the ball. “Play from the TIPS”, says Penton. The PVC tees are designed to last round after round without ever losing their ability to produce longer and straighter drives.  Reports are they never wear out, says Penton.

The TIPS come in three sizes and colors. They are also packaged in two types of packages. One package, with three of the Long Tees, for oversized drivers. The other package, with one of the long tees and one for a mid-size and a shorter one for three par holes. All are packaged in attractive clamshells that will fit on peg board racks or company supplied counter displays. The suggested retail price of the two package types is $6.95 each.  They can be seen and ordered on the company website,


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Denny said...

Amazing the innovations found in golf tees that add distance, accuracy and consistency. Brush tee, friction tees, and platform tees fives more confidence to the golfer to hit longer and straighter drives. But you still have to hit the ball.