Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Independent Study Highlights Bionic's Durability

Research concludes Bionic lasts longer and maintains gripping capability

(LOUISVILLE, KY) - What do golfers want out of a glove? "Durability" and a "good grip," according to independent research conducted with avid golfers at the renowned Pinehurst Golf

The study, conducted jointly by known golf researcher Dr. Bob Christina and Eric Alpenfels, Director of Golf Instruction at the Pinehurst Golf Academy, took on the task of testing the performance of premium leather golf gloves over time by examining the technology found in Bionic golf gloves versus a popular glove used by PGA Tour professionals.

Golfers who play or practice an average of 26 days a month used the different gloves for seven weeks (21 practice sessions - 90 balls hit per session). The results show that Bionic gloves are 2X as durable and also retain gripping power for a far longer time period.

"In summary, these results clearly indicate that the two gloves were essentially the same in terms of glove-gripping capability at the outset of the study. However, the Bionic Glove had appreciably better glove-gripping capability after seven, 14 and 21 practice sessions," states the study.

Dr. Christina says that in his "researcher's opinion," the study supports Bionic's claim that its gloves routinely last considerably longer than other leading brands similar to the one tested in this study.

So, what makes the Bionic Glove different from all others? It's the only golf glove designed by an orthopedic hand specialist. Its patented technology promotes a lighter, more relaxed grip and provides more protection in areas prone to wear and tear. Strategically placed pads on the palm and fingers even out the hand's natural peaks and valleys, creating more surface contact and ideal grip pressure.

The durability study conducted at Pinehurst also asked golfers to cite their most frequent problem with a glove. The answer: "wears out too fast."

"It's reassuring to see research that shows the number one thing golfers want from a glove is durability," says Cheryl Fink, marketing director of Bionic. "We've known all along that Bionic beats all leading gloves in spades when it comes to long-lasting performance."

The study also shows that the features golfers like the most about the Bionic glove are:
• Dampening effect (absorbing shock)
• Padding/pressure points
• Resistance to wear and tear

They also like the fact that Bionic promotes a lighter grip and that it becomes more comfortable the more it's used. When scoring the gloves, the participant golfers ranked Bionic highest in the categories of durability and quality.

"Our glove is one of the more expensive gloves on the market," says Fink. "But it's worth it because it lasts longer and continues to perform as if it's new after months and months of wear. Given its durability, it's really the best glove for the money, bar none."

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