Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starting Time announces added interest in Arm & Wrist Power Builder since The Masters

In all sports, arm and wrist strength is the key to getting a strong and powerful release.  With that in mind and specifically developed for golfers, Starting Time has developed the best answer to achieving strong hands, arms and shoulders with the Arm & Wrist Power Builder, a product designed to bulk up these muscles and help golfers achieve  more power than ever before.

The Arm & Wrist Power Builder, endorsed by World Champion Arm Wrestler, John Woolsey, strengthens the forearms and wrists, which are the last group of muscles responsible for developing speed and power in golf, tennis, baseball and most major sports. Building those muscles is essential in the sport of golf, where golfers are always looking to achieve maximum distance while maintaining a smooth stroke on their shots.

“Through a series of exercises, the Arm & Wrist Power Builder increases strength and enables golfers to hit the ball further than ever before,” explained Hugh Penton, president of Starting Time.  “Not only will our product help golfers improve their strength and flexibility, it has great use in other sports as well.”

The specifics:
* Inexpensive cost at $14.95 SRP
* Resistance cables designed to strengthen arms and wrists
* Foam padded handles for a comfortable grip
* 36-inch rubber for optimal resistance
* Cables can be used in a variety of exercises to maximize use
* Booklet of wrist, arm and shoulder exercise options included for easy reference, as well as a bonus exercise for a full-body workout

For more information about Starting Time or the Arm & Wrist Power Builder, visit www.startingtimegolf.com.

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