Tuesday, October 25, 2022

OnCore Golf Announces VERO X2 Is Now Available

Second Generation of the VERO Tour Ball

(BUFFALO, N.Y.) – OnCore Golf announces the highly anticipated VERO X2 is now available on OnCore’s website. This second generation of tour-level golf ball from the VERO family is a four-piece ball boasting a super-fast core and a high modulus, metal-infused mantle connected to a thin, cast urethane cover by a nano-engineered transition layer. The VERO X2 has a higher compression rating than the VERO X1 – 95 vs. 85 – and firmer feel optimal for players with high swing speeds.

Leveraging the same unique architecture as the VERO X1, the VERO X2 delivers low driver spin and a high, wind-penetrating trajectory for even greater distance and accuracy. This same combination brings an optimized spin profile with irons and a trajectory engineered for stopping power on firm greens.

“The VERO X2, previously only accessible to professional golfers, is now available for purchase online,” said Keith Blakely, CEO.  “Instead of spending $600 for the latest driver promising 2 – 3 mph higher ball speed, we believe the better investment is in the ball itself, which our testing shows delivers much more improvement in initial ball velocity off the tee.  We’re confident high swing speed golfers will quickly see the distance, control, and accuracy benefits it provides over the top name-brand tour balls.”

On course, the VERO X2 is played by many of OnCore Golf’s professional golfers including Erik Compton (PGA/Korn Ferry Tour) and Louis Kelly (various tours). Louis Kelly became the first golfer to win a tournament playing the VERO X2 at the 102nd New Jersey Open Championship (July 2022).

“The OnCore VERO X2 ball is the best ball I’ve ever played” said Kelly.   “It delivers unmatched consistency in flight, exceptional distance, and a soft feel around the greens.”

OnCore Golf continues to push the design envelope of conforming balls meeting the USGA’s limits on maximum initial velocity and overall distance while delivering their proprietary high moment of inertia (MOI) that pushes mass to the perimeter of the golf ball resulting in a more forgiving ball with straighter ball flight and reduced spin decay for greater distance. Golf Digest named the VERO X2 to its annual Hot List in June 2022.

For more information or to purchase the VERO X2 ($50 per dozen MSRP), visit http://www.oncoregolf.com/products/vero-x2/.

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