Friday, November 1, 2019

Hot Shot Putting Cup Enhances Golf Tournament, Corporate Gift Selection with a Custom Logo

(RELEASE) — Slam Dunk Golf has released their new custom logo Hot Shot Putting Cup. Fantastic for golf courses looking to enhance their golf tournament prizes and or putting contests on the golf course.

The new Hot Shot Putting Cup emulates miniature golf's iconic volcano hole with one key addition: a basketball hoop and backboard attached to the back of the cup. This unique design allows golfers to sink their putts like never before, and inspires dozens of interactive games, from the traditional Horse to 1 on 1, Lightening and trick shots.

Golf courses and corporations can have their company or event logo printed on the backboard as an innovative gift resulting in multiple logo impressions.

“We put it in our conference room and let’s just say money was exchanging hands and our hour lunch turned into an after-work competition, love the Hot Shot-so cool with our company logo”, Paul Hadley, HCI, Inc., Chicago, Illinois.

Custom logo orders can be placed via or by calling 800-757-7453. Custom Logo Retail Price: $29.99.

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