Monday, November 20, 2017

Product Review: BroBasket Gift Baskets

BroBasket packages just about anything for the man on your list
You send your wife or girlfriend flowers and she’s overcome with emotion and gratitude. Unfortunately for her, there really hasn’t been an equivalent for men. That’s where the idea from BroBasket was born.

Golf items in the "Serious Golfer" basket
BroBasket offers just about anything a guy could want - from booze to junk food and so much more. We checked out the “Serious Golfer Gift Basket.” Golf-specific items in this bundle include: a BroBasket towel, sleeve of Callaway Superhot 55 balls, a DIV Pro 6-in-1 divot tool, and two sets of BroBasket tees and ball marks.

That’s not all, however. Golf is a thirsty sport, so BroBasket includes three bottles of Vitaminwater Zero. Hungry at the turn? Munch on Teriyaki beef jerky from Jack Links. Meat not your thing? There are also a couple packages of cranberry health mix or two Kind bars. The pair of coasters from Stone Brewing are an added touch to protect the table from your chosen 19th-hole beverage.

Speaking of beverages ... There are also whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum, vodka and tequila baskets. For those who like to indulge, but not so strong, there are beer baskets - craft, domestic and imports - too.

The options don’t end there. BroBasket offers coffee, barbecue, health food, jerky and more.

Nothing mentioned trips your trigger? Customize your own basket with the aforementioned items or add wine, cigars, popcorn, chocolate ... .

As you can see, the sky is just about the limit for BroBasket. Your favorite golfer, graduate, groomsman, etc. will love what arrives. Log onto to start the process immediately.
All items in the "Serious Golfer" basket

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