Monday, November 13, 2017

Coach Labs' GEN i1, World's 1st and Only Intelligent Golf Ball, on Sale, Shipping for the Holidays

(LOS ANGELES, Calif.) - Recognized as the “Best New Game Improvement Device of the Year” at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, the much-anticipated GEN i1 (, the world’s first and only intelligent golf ball, is the latest in golf’s coolest tech products and will be shipping in time to make every golfer’s holiday wishes come true.

According to a preview in Golf Digest (Sept. 12, 2017), the GEN i1 golf ball is “the latest example of how golf’s most ground-breaking technologies continue to be its smallest.” GEN i1 has also been featured on Golf Channel,, WRX and other national media outlets.

The GEN i1 golf ball’s core contains a nine-axis embedded sensor and on-board MCU that acts like a miniature launch monitor inside. The “smart” ball is calibrated specifically for putting measuring initial direction, speed, impact force, and skid/skip. The data is then relayed through an app to your mobile device via Bluetooth. The GEN i1 also comes with a putter sensor on the handle that will show you the “cause and effect” of your stroke and ball.

“The data the GEN i1 produces helps you understand why you’re missing putts,” said Jason Koo, Founder of Coach Labs. “Practicing putting is boring, but these algorithms not only give us information to educate golfers, they let us integrate games with the ball and the app to make practice fun and entertaining.”

The GEN i1 app is very easy and intuitive. Once the user creates an account, the GEN i1 will be able to assess his/her skill level and provide a customized practice plan that will entertain while improving their skills. The games and drills will challenge golfers while creating routines that will help them to improve squaring up the face and consistent tempo to improve distance control.

Coach Labs is developing two additional smart balls. GEN i2 is currently in production and is designed to measure all aspects of the full-swing including direction, launch angle, spin rate, distance, speed, and finding your ball. GEN i3 will be modified for indoor use only and practice in golf simulators and for gaming applications.”

“The GEN i1 has been designed through a very sophisticated, patent-pending technology and manufacturing process that is connecting golf performance with play,” said Koo. “It’s an all-around application providing real-time data on your smart phone that’s far ahead of anything in development or on the market today. Golfers of all levels will benefit in real ways: lower scores and faster fixes. Right in the palm of their hands.”

GEN i1 is available now online at beginning at $129 per ball. For more information visit or call 888-766-5554.

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