Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rotary Swing Announces New RST Winter Golf Training Program

(RELEASE) - Rotary Swing has just announced an all-new program to complement their considerable collection of online golf swing resources.

The all-new swing instruction package is called the RST (Rotary Swing Tour) Winter Golf Training Program. This new platform is designed to keep swing skills sharp, even during the winter months, when on-course play is less frequent for many golfers. This program is unique due to the fact it is done indoors and no clubs or buckets of balls are necessary. Furthermore, to enhance convenience, it is portable on a phone or tablet while training.

Rotary Swing, based in Florida, provides in-depth instruction for clients all over the world. The company is recognized as a leader in online-based golf training and coaching.

“Winter is no time for your golf game to go into hibernation,” said Rotary Swing founder Chuck Quinton. “With our new series of videos and instructional aids, anyone can improve their skills on a year-round basis. Rotary Swing’s training techniques teach dynamic new body movements, instead of just hitting golf balls. We’ve found this method of total-body training allows any golfer to make significant strides – up to 8 times faster, in most cases – for their game during the winter months.”

The RST Winter Golf Training Program includes easy-to-follow drills, all designed to be practiced indoors without hitting balls.

“Many golfers enter the spring season unprepared, and it shows on the scorecard,” Mr. Quinton said. “Our goal at Rotary Swing is to improve any golfer’s game regardless of skill level, and the RST Winter Golf Training Package is the next level of practical instruction that’ll help build better practice habits.”

The RST Winter Golf Training Package includes a series of videos. Just some of the concepts to be covered include:
• Optimal weight shift drills
• Mirror-based exercises for better self-evaluation
• How to generate downswing power
• The best way to produce maximum lag in your swing
• And many more

One major advantage of the RST Winter Golf Training Program is that players are not required to hit golf balls. Because Rotary Swing’s golf swing improvement techniques are centered on the golfer’s body and movements – and not just the club – the videos can make vast improvements with minimal effort.

“Perfecting the golf swing is about the body and the brain,” Mr. Quinton stated. “With our RST Winter Golf Training Package, the brain is more able to focus on the fundamental movements of the body which are what every golfer is actually trying to learn without the distraction of hitting a ball – and that’s why Rotary Swing Tour students show significant swing improvement over a short amount of time.”

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