Wednesday, November 25, 2015

AccuLock ACE: The Putter Like No Other

(RELEASE) - If there’s a golfer in your life, he or she is sure to appreciate a gift of the AccuLock ACE putter from BioMech. Because not only will the AccuLock improve your favorite golfers’ prowess on the greens, it’s also good for their health.

Unlike any other putter on the market, the AccuLock ACE was invented by scientists, professional sports instructors, and design engineers to produce a more natural and consistent putting stance and stroke. Designed from the body out—meaning the putter fits the body’s natural position, rather than forcing the body into an unnatural and uncomfortable stance—the ACE lets the golfer stand tall, providing a better and more accurate view of the target and the line, and just as important, reducing stress and strain on the lower back.

The AccuLock ACE is the only putter that complements the physiology of the human body with the physics of the optimal putting motion. The results are better, healthier putting.

The ACE—which conforms to the Rules of Golf and will still be legal when the new long-putter regulations go into effect in 2016—is available at and through select green-grass retailers for $279.99 (retail).

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