Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Arccos Golf Enhances Shot Editing, Smart Distance, Battery Life, Social Search and Other Features

(STAMFORD, CT) – Arccos Golf – maker of the game’s only GPS + Live Shot Tracking + Tour Analytics platform – has launched updates to a variety of key features, including shot editing, battery life, social search and a proprietary “Smart Distance” algorithm that provides remarkably precise yardage expectancies for each club.

Available for free download in the App Store, additional details on Arccos 1.4 include:
• Smart Distance: Improved distance expectancies for each club, including the “Smart Range” function that illustrates specific average distance ranges for each club (more information here).
• Shot / Putt Editing: Users will experience a more intuitive shot-editing experience via the ability to add, delete, edit or move shots with ease upon entering each hole’s edit screen, and quickly add gimme putts using a simple plus-minus toggle.
• Flagstick / Putting Distance: For more accurate putting distances and statistics, users can edit the location of the first putt and the flagstick on each hole; this also improves the accuracy of proximity to pin stats on chips, sand shots and general approach shots.
• Improved Battery Life: Battery consumption is greatly reduced due to the app’s new ability to work in the background.
• Search Improvements: Searching for courses or a fellow golfer on the Arccos social platform becomes easier through the implementation of new algorithms.

The award-winning Arccos system ($299) features a set of 14 virtually weightless sensors that easily attach to the end of a grip. Paired just once via Bluetooth to the Arccos app, these automatically deliver information on distances hit, club averages, driving accuracy, greens in regulation, sand saves, putts and more.

“Our team of talented engineers and designers goes to great lengths to ensure that the Arccos app is intuitive and fun, but most importantly that it provides users with accurate data to help them improve,” says Arccos CEO Sal Syed. “We are constantly brainstorming ideas for new or improved functions that will further enhance the Arccos user experience.”

Widely heralded as one of the game’s most innovative and beneficial technologies, Arccos is endorsed by 2014 FedExCup Champion Billy Horschel and two-time World Long Drive Champion Jamie Sadlowski.

Beyond its vaunted shot-tracking capabilities, the Arccos app provides users with easy-to-use Advanced GPS for more than 20,000 courses worldwide. This function gives players precise yardages to any location on a hole while simultaneously showing the distance from that spot to the green.

Further distinguishing Arccos are a suite of social features. These allow users to follow other players, see who is following them, and receive round updates – including holes, stats and bests – directly to their in-app social stream. Instructors and coaches can use this as a tool to “follow” players, instantly receiving their stats upon completion of a round, or gathering valuable information on overall performance via deep dives into statistics, past rounds, Tour Analytics and more.

Developed in conjunction with golf’s most renowned statistician, Peter Sanders, Tour Analytics draws from his work with PGA Tour star Zach Johnson and many others. It automatically breaks down a players’ handicap into five key components – driving, approach, chipping, sand game and putting – helping golfers:
• Gain insight into what every shot means
• Understand exactly how each part of their game contributes to scoring
• Explore comparative data in each of the five components from golfers with the same handicap
• Evaluate patterns across their entire golf history, supporting refinement of on-course tactics

Now available at major golf retailers and better pro shops nationwide, and, Arccos is trusted by top instructors who rely on the system to help their students recognize and correct faults, such as club distance gaps, noticeable shot dispersion patterns and other problem areas.

Led by a team of Ivy League engineers, rocket scientists, PhD’s and designers, Arccos Golf is named after a function of advanced mathematics.

For more information or to view a demo video:

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