Friday, November 27, 2015

Product Review: SensoGlove

How’s your golf grip? If you’d like an easy and effective method to find out, SensoGlove may be right for you. With a built-in computer and sensors, this glove monitors your grip pressure and provides instant feedback.

The computer can be transferred
Proper grip pressure is one component in crafting a smooth, consistent swing that provides greater distance, enhanced precision. Cultivating a repeatable swing takes practice and this glove can improve the time you’re on the range.

I was always told that an effective grip is strong enough to hold a bird, but not crush it. Imagery aside, that’s good advice, but SensoGlove takes it to another level. Audio feedback alerts at the moment the grip becomes too tight, which allows the user to learn and maintain correct grip pressure at every point of the swing.

There’s also visual feedback, showing grip pressure at every finger.

But, like a snowflake, no two swings are the same and proper grip pressure for one person may be too weak or too strong for another. What then? The SensoGlove computer is adjustable. Simply raise or lower the threshold that works best for your game.

Sensors in the fingers provide feedback
The best part of SensoGlove may be its ease of use. No need for an involved, confusing app on your smart phone or additional technology. Everything you need is on your hand.

At $89, SensoGlove is an affordable training aid. And, if you’re a range rat and wear out the cabretta leather glove, simply remove the computer and transfer it to a new glove at only $22.48.

Everything about your swing is affected by the way you hold the club. SensoGlove will teach you the best grip for every part of your game.

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