Friday, September 21, 2012

Saturday is Moving Day on the PGA Tour

Will Tiger Contend over the weekend?
Saturday is often referred to as "Moving Day" on the PGA Tour. Basically, players who made the cut position themselves for a final run at the title.

It wasn't long ago that you'd see Tiger Woods make his move - rising to the top of the leaderboard for what seemed like a Tour de France ceremonial final day. After all, if Tiger was in the lead, he wasn't going to falter and nobody would dream of overtaking the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time).

I won't rehash the personal turmoil, but it is very evident that there's quite a bit of professional turmoil with which to deal. Hard to believe someone who has won three times on Tour this year - and not against "pushover fields," either - would be scrutinized for weekend play, but look no further than the Majors, which Tiger covets the most, to see how he's faltered. He has put himself in position to win, but stumbled over the weekend to finish back in the pack.

We may be a bit premature in penning this column as Tiger has yet to reach the back nine in Round 2. Heck, he may wait until Sunday to implode - rendering "Moving Day" irrelevant. Let's just assume Tiger remains on the first page of the leaderboard through today's play. I know American Golfer - and millions of other fans - will be glued to the TV tomorrow. And college football will have some stiff competition. If Tiger passes this test, the NFL will have its hands full Sunday, too.

Is it too much to ask for Tiger and Rory McElroy to be paired in Sunday's final twosome? Probably, but our fingers are crossed. If Tiger is in contention, the sport of golf will take center stage.

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