Friday, September 14, 2012

Dave Stockton Releases Latest Book

Short Game Guru Dave Stockton Teaches Golfers How to Make the Most of Shots around the Green in His New Book 'Unconscious Scoring'

(REDLANDS, CA) - Stockton Golf ( announced that Short Game Guru, Dave Stockton, released his new book Unconscious Scoring: Dave Stockton's Guide to Saving Shots Around the Green (Gotham Books, September 2012, Hardcover, Enhanced eBook) By Dave Stockton with Matthew Rudy, Foreword by Rory McIlroy, 2011 US Open Champion.

In Dave Stockton's best-selling book, Unconscious Putting, the renowned instructor and two-time PGA Champion introduced to amateur players the techniques, strategies and mental processes he has used to help tour players find so much success on the green.

Now, in Unconscious Scoring, Stockton will complete that short game education by teaching readers how to make the most of shots around the green.

The key to Stockton's remarkable instruction success is its simplicity, and in Unconscious Scoring, he breaks down the short game into two components-low shots and high shots-explaining both the technique and the context of how and when the shots should be used. Players will learn to let the left hand control the swing on low greenside shots-an extension of the putting technique Stockton shares in his first book-and transition to a right-hand-dominated swing on high shots, sand shots and trouble shots.

With the benefit of his high-level competitive and instruction experience, Unconscious Scoring also provides a comprehensive mental game guide, revisiting and expanding upon the concepts introduced in Unconscious Putting. Stockton gives the reader easy to implement processes that will simplify and clarify the short game, increase focus, and build confidence immediately.

In addition to showing readers the tricks of getting the ball up and down with far more regularity and ease, Stockton offers transformative and invaluable insights into swing technique, course management, the mental approach, and equipment selection. There is no better way to a lower score than to save shots around the green and, with a color photo insert and dozens of black & white photos and video tags throughout; Unconscious Scoring shows golfers how to reduce handicaps for good.


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