Monday, September 10, 2012

Trackman Announces November Conference

TrackMan announced the third North American TrackMan Users Conference, scheduled for Nov. 5 and 6 at Celebration Golf Club in Orlando, Fla.

The conference's main objectives are to enhance the understanding of TrackMan research and findings, increase the comprehension of TrackMan data, and improve the use of TrackMan technology for all users. The objectives will be accomplished through classroom presentations and live practical sessions on the range. Topics will cover insights learned through data collected by TrackMan Combine, the relationships amongst club delivery, launch conditions, and the resulting ball flight, as well best practices for coaching, fitting, practice, and technique. Further, attendees will receive training on the TrackMan Performance Studio (TPS) software and (MTM).

TrackMan is extremely pleased to have PGA TOUR Professional, Kevin Streelman, and his coach, Darren May, demonstrate to attendees how they use TrackMan and its data during training. Streelman, a customer since 2009, and May, a customer since 2007, began working together a little over a year ago. Because of their knowledge of TrackMan and the information it provides, May has been able to provide a practice plan that Kevin follows on his own with the help of his TrackMan. This is a special opportunity to see how the two use the information as part of their plan and how this can be applied to golfers of all levels.

By attending the conference, attendees will develop and improve the following knowledge, skills, and capabilities:
* Utilizing the different TrackMan applications, including TPS and MTM
* Further understanding of TrackMan data
* Comprehending the different variables and how they are measured, related
* Incorporating the club delivery numbers into coaching, lessons, and fittings
* Developing new revenue opportunities
* Understanding how club delivery and impact position affect launch conditions and ball flight
* Diagnosing client performance issues using TrackMan Combine results

Further benefits of the conference will include:
* TrackMan owners can bring their systems for on-site system tune-ups and radar calibration
* Networking with industry leaders - TrackMan customers and users
* Meet with TrackMan staff in order to discuss any use or data questions

To register, e-mail Justin Padjen at or contact your local representative. You can also visit

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