Thursday, September 6, 2012

GoBe Golf Steps into Performance Footwear Category

(Austin, Minn.) - After several years of perfecting the golf shoe from the ground up, GoBe Golf is ready to debut its inaugural line of performance golf footwear. The company, guided by footwear industry veterans and PGA Professionals, has launched this high performance golf shoe line with a game-changing tread designed for ideal traction and maximum grip throughout the golf swing. GoBe's innovative, patent-pending Talon tread sole design allows for superior traction on the course without the need for cleats for a "go anywhere" design.

"The technology behind GoBe's 5-point star tread elevates the golf shoe so it is a part of a golfer's performance equipment," said Joe Allen, President, GoBe Golf. "The traction and wear benefits of these soles are clearly superior in comfort to cleated soles without losing any traction benefits."

GoBe Golf's innovative outsole is a patent-pending Talon tread sole design using a molded 5-point star traction pattern to provide maximum grip throughout the golf swing. The points of the stars grip the grass, creating superior traction without damaging the turf. The stars are strategically spaced to keep dirt and debris from building up. The sole's non-slip, traction stripes complement the star treads to stabilize the golfer during the powerful motion of the swing.

"The stars are a terrific breakthrough in tread design because the five points on the stars can really grip the grass without creating the pressure points traditional cleats cause which tire feet," said Allen. "The traction stripes are placed right where your feet need the most support during the swing to keep from sliding; it's added insurance against slippage. The confidence you get from those traction points will make a big difference in the power of your swing."

GoBe's PurTEC upper is specifically designed to be roughly 20 times more water resistant than treated leathers. It breathes, keeps its color and shape, resists stains and is extremely durable in hot or wet conditions.

The GoBe Dry shoe liner has a patent-pending interior moisture management system; with drainage channels, aeration holes at flex points and notches above the toe area to drain perspiration away from feet. The moisture-wicking fiber lining also aerates, and has anti-microbial and anti-odor properties to keep feet cool, dry and fresh.

To extend the life of their shoes, customers can order an additional pair of shoe liners at no charge through GoBe shoes are built on a European last with a deep heel cup to keep the foot in place and a wide toe area for a natural, comfortable fit.

GoBe Golf footwear offers three styles for men at a suggested retail of $159 and two styles for women at a suggested retail of $139. GoBe Golf shoes come with a two-year warranty and will be sold only through high-end resorts, golf course pro shops, and online at


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