Thursday, September 13, 2012

in fiamme Initiates Special-Order Program

(Phoenix) – in fiamme (, the world's finest Italian golf apparel, has launched a new Special-Order Program. In clubs or retail shops where merchandising space may be lacking, or for retailers who currently are unable to carry in fiamme, the Special-Order Program allows the in fiamme brand to be presented to club members and shop customers in a new way.

"This brand-new program offers an expanded level of flexibility to pro-shop buyers and retail shop managers," said Art Kimbrough, vice president of business development for in fiamme. "Our goal is to offer clubs and shops a variety of options in presenting the style, comfort and classic appeal of in fiamme apparel to their clientele."

The in fiamme Special-Order Program allows customers to review the apparel offerings on and order for direct delivery to their club, resort or retail shop. In addition, clubs, resorts and retail shops may place orders for direct delivery. The program applies only to in-stock merchandise from the in fiamme Web site, and excludes bunker-sale items. Logo options are available within this program. Orders placed on the Web site will be tracked with a 'special-order code' which in fiamme will provide to each retailer. Every club or retail shop must register with in fiamme for this program. Retailers should contact in fiamme to register and to receive information regarding retail pricing and margins.

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