Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Tempt - New for 2012 by Tifosi Optics

(WATKINSVILLE, Ga.) - New for 2012, Tifosi Optics introduces the Tempt-sport optics that combine high performance technology and great looks. The Tempt features an open dual lenses design for a sporty look and lightweight comfort for all day use in any activity.

The Tempt features fully adjustable nose pad and temples for a custom fit. In addition, the nose pad and temples are made of hydrophilic rubber that grips through sweat. Ventilated lenses increase airflow and reduce fogging. The frame is molded from Grilamid TR-90, a flexible and virtually indestructible material characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength, low density and high resistance to chemical and UV damage.

The Tempt is available in a variety of frame colors and lens options, and retails for $59.95-89.95. With the Interchangeable lens collection, switch your set of 3 lenses out, based on weather and light conditions:
• GT lens: Ideal for full sun; High contrast - quickly spot a ball in flight; 14.29 % light transmission
• EC lens: Designed specifically for greens reading; Filters blue light responsible for blurring; 42.18% light transmission
• AC Red lens: Provides great contrast when the weather is overcast; 41.18% light transmission

For those preferring a light-adjusting lens, the Tempt is available in Fototec models with a choice of 2 different color lenses. Fototec lenses automatically adjust with changing light conditions:
• High Speed Red: Sharpens contrast; light transmits at 35% in cloudy conditions and up to 12% in brightly sunny conditions.
• Smoke: Neutral tint does not distort colors, a terrific lens for bright sun; light transmits at 43% in cloudy conditions and up to 12% in brightly sunny conditions

Tifosi products are available at over 5,000 retail locations in 38 countries, as well as online at dozens of e-tailers. Visit http://www.tifosioptics.com for complete details. Tifosi Optics, Inc. was founded in 2003 and has become a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced, value-oriented sports eyewear.

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