Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starting Time Makes It Easier to Keep Golf Glove Handy with the Glove Caddy

The Putter's Glove Clip eliminates the problem of what to do with your golf glove when taking it off

(OCEANSIDE, Calif.) - Golfers that are tired of jamming their golf glove in their back pocket countless times while out on the course, have a solution with the Glove Caddy. Marketed by Starting Time, the plastic spring clip easily attaches to the golfer's belt or bag and securely holds the glove open and ready for the next hole.

The Glove Caddy's unique design uses a positive Velcro fastening system that is simple, yet indispensible. The average golfer takes their glove off many times during a round of golf and is always looking for somewhere close by, other than their back pocket to put it in.. With the Glove Caddy, the problem of what to do with your golf glove when you wish to remove it on certain shots, such as putting or making short chip shots, or when adding up your score at the 19th hole.

Golf apparel for ladies is another problem as pockets are often eliminated or smaller in size. And how many times are gloves left in a back pocket, then tossed in the washing machine and dryer, where they shrink and knot into unusable, tight, leather balls?

The specifics:
• Inexpensive cost
• Convenient plastic clip with Velcro holder to secure glove while in use.
• Hangs on belt, bag, or waistband.
• Glove stays open and accessible
• Custom logo area

For more information about Starting Time, visit www.startingtimegolf.com.

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