Friday, November 18, 2011

Stop Guessing about Weather Impact on Facility Performance

"A golf course cannot properly analyze its performance without measuring the positive or negative effects of weather." This concept, championed consistently since 2005 by Pellucid and Edgehill Golf Advisors, takes a dramatic leap forward in accessibility, affordability and actionability with the launch of Cognilogic, the industry's first and only Web-delivered, facility-level, real-time weather impact reporting service.

Stuart Lindsay comments, "2011 has turned out to be the poster child weather year to support our above statement as it relates to the havoc weather impact can play upon proper golf course performance measurement. Here in my home market of Milwaukee, we successfully quantified this year the impact of a late/poor spring, unusual summer weather volatility and a favorable fall which didn't produce a commensurate increase in rounds. Need I say more?"

For information on this revolutionary new service including a more detailed description of how it works, delivery, pricing and how to sign up for the introductory offer, click on the below link:

Jim Koppenhaver concludes, "This simple web delivered product allows a golf course operator quick access to the critical measurements necessary to quantify their performance compared to weather's impact on capacity through the full year and compare to the past 2 years and the 10 Year Normal." Reports can be purchased on a one time basis or as an annual subscription that will include data through the end of 2012.

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