Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SCOR Golf Unveils SCOR Fit Short Game Fitting System

Innovative system lets pros, clubfitters and retailers properly fit any golfer with the right short range irons and wedges

(Victoria, TX) – SCOR Golf announced the debut of its proprietary SCOR Fit Short Game Fitting System for its SCOR 4161 line of precision scoring clubs.

Created for PGA professionals, golf shops and custom club fitters, the innovative SCOR 4161 System brings a new level of precision to the process of fitting golfers with matched wedges and short irons. Designed for players of all abilities, the SCOR Fit System helps players and fitters determine the proper ‘prescription’ of scoring clubs for any golfer, including the right lofts, shafts and specifications for length, lie angle and grip size.

“Very few golfers have the right combination of lofts in their scoring clubs,” said Terry Koehler, President of SCOR Golf. “They also are not playing the proper shafts to optimize feel, or specifications to improve their shotmaking in the ‘money range.’ The SCOR Fit System enables authorized SCOR 4161 fitters to engage the golfer in an orderly process that will put the right tool in their bags to lower their scores.”

“SCOR Golf is focused solely on innovative solutions to help golfers improve their performance with their scoring clubs and the SCOR Fit System represents the most accurate way to achieve that goal,” added Koehler. “With the SCOR Fit System, the professional fitter has the tools to ensure that any golfer has just the right set of precision scoring clubs that will deliver improved trajectories and better accuracy while offering optimum forgiveness.”

Highlights of the SCOR Golf Fitting System include:
* Easy to use and carry SCOR Fit System, which includes demos in multiple shafts and flexes to ensure the right fit for any golfer, two weights of graphite and standard weight steel shafts with flexes from ‘A’ to ‘Firm+’
* Beautifully designed shop display
* Brochures for distribution for golfers eager to learn about SCOR 4161
wedges and short irons

“The SCOR Fit System has allowed us to fit golfers of all skill levels with the right combination of wedges and short irons to improve their short range performance,” said Ryan Hodge, Head Golf Professional at Grey Rock Golf Club in Austin, Texas. “SCOR Fit allows us to zero in on the right lofts, with the right shaft material and flex to ensure a seamless transition from the golfer’s middle irons. Every golfer we’ve fitted has come back to report immediate improvement in their scoring.”

The new SCOR Golf Fitting Kit cost is $795, which includes the SCOR Fit System, shop display stand and one set of 5 SCOR 4161 scoring clubs for the designated staff professional.

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