Thursday, December 22, 2022

How Cool are the Beckett Simonon Golf Sneakers?

Beckett Simonon, a trailblazer in the premium leather goods category, known for bringing bespoke fashion and comfort together - has unveiled the most essential kicks for golfing - Beckett Simonon’s Golf Sneakers, a collection of re-imaginated water-repellent full-grain Italian leather shoes made to reign supreme above the rest. Featuring avant-garde technology to power up the natural motions of your body while enhancing comfort, these ultra-modern and fashion-forward shoes were designed to morph together eco-futurism and the new wave of luxury fashion.

Engineered to have an excellent ground feel, these top-of-the-line kicks are made with full-grain Vachetta leather to provide the ultimate luxury footwear experience while preventing odor-causing bacteria, regulating temperature, providing excellent breathability, and being incredibly comfortable and soft to the touch. Available in two of Beckett Simonon’s most beloved sneaker styles – Garcia and Reid – Beckett Simonon’s Golf sneakers pair easily with various outfits while protecting your feet no matter how bad the weather gets. Count on them to perform all year round.

Gone are the days where you have to pack two pairs of shoes after a game of golf! Packed with golf-specific features, Beckett Simonon’s new golf collection provides an advanced level of traction and grip that meets the needs of even the most avid golfer. Each shoe is imprinted with insoles made from dual-density EVA, allowing them to adapt to your footprint and create a custom-like footbed over time, creating the highest level of support and comfort to your foot. The outer soles feature Vibram’s Cityplus compound, providing excellent sensitivity, grip and traction on-course and are also soft and flexible enough to wear off-course effortlessly.

Sourcing their materials from Argentinian and Italian tanneries with decades of experience producing some of the finest leathers, Beckett Simonon embodies mastery of craft, assuring that their products pass the test of time, allowing them to turn into timeless luxury pieces. The brand is one of the very few fashion houses that believe in democratizing fashion, creating long-lasting direct-to-consumer luxury goods at an approachable price point; this has been possible by reimagining how high-quality leather goods are crafted.

Becket Simonon's masterful leather-working puts a spring in your step because, after all, shoes are meant to blend functionality with effortless style. Their artisans rely on traditional shoe-making techniques that exude luxurious finishings, from sanding and waxing soles to hand polishing the uppers for a flawless look. The fashion house strives for maximum uniqueness in every piece. Beckett Simonon is breaking through in the bespoke shoe industry with timeless and classic offerings, innovating and infusing its pieces with Colombian charm that turns heads.

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