Monday, November 25, 2013

Product Review: GolfLogix

If you’ve been fortunate enough to ride in a golf cart equipped with state-of-the-art GPS, you know how much this technology can help your round. You have all the information you need - distance to pin and any hazards that are seen or unseen - right in front of you.

Pay no attention to the 999 yards.
I downloaded this image from home.
Or maybe you or a buddy have spent a few hundred dollars on the latest handheld GPS and/or laser distance finders. These are effective, though costly, options to assist you in a round.

How about getting the best golf course GPS mapping for free? GolfLogix has you covered.

Going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing a large percentage of the people reading this article own a smartphone. You already own the key component in improving your golf game. GolfLogix has done all the legwork.

GolfLogix, the leader in Golf GPS technology, was founded in 1999 and was first to introduce handheld GPS to the golf industry. Mapping courses for more than 12 years, the company has the largest, most up-to-date golf course database in the world. For our purposes, let’s jump to 2009. That’s when GolfLogix captured the smartphone market with an app that provides precise GPS distances, plus keeps score and tracks stats and uploads them to an online clubhouse community where golfers can share and compete with millions of golfers worldwide.

GolfLogix uses proprietary tools to build its robust database of golf courses worldwide. The imagery and software allow them to zoom in on any hazard or hole in the world, but they don't stop there. GolfLogix updates and reviews course maps on a regular basis to make sure members have the most up-to-date information available. They dare you “pick a course, any course” because they probably already have it. In Ohio, there are almost 1,000 courses mapped. Almost 1,600 mapped in Florida!

A) Scoring broken down.
With my iPhone 4s in hand, I took the GolfLogix app out for a spin at StoneWater Golf Club in Highland Heights, Ohio. I’m probably going to share too much about my game, but in the interest of full disclosure, I shot a 9-over, 80 while riding in a cart equipped with the aforementioned GPS. By comparison, the yardages were spot on.

Considering not all areas have terrific WiFi signals, I’d suggest downloading the course you’re going to play while at home. Once at the course, select the stats you want to track, add players for scoring purposes and even start the play clock and calorie counter (which provides an accurate time of your round and an estimated calorie burn based on age, weight and method of transportation).

As you can see from the screen grab at the right (Image A), GolfLogix broke down my round by how I fared on Par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. Taking three puts after missing the Par 3 11th was my biggest blemish in that area - canceling my birdie on the 161-yard sixth.

After each hole, GolfLogix prompts you to enter some basic data. Stats I chose to track included the score, number of putts and fairways hit. Even by expanding upon how I missed a fairway - hook, pull, push or slice - this takes less than 3 seconds to complete.

B) Driving accuracy.
Image B breaks down my driving accuracy. I hit the fairway more times than I missed, but splitting the six misses evenly between left and right is a good indication of my inconsistency ... which led to a couple double bogies.

Greens in regulation is a popular stat. Simply put, by entering your score and number of putts, GolfLogix will track how many greens you actually hit. No extra step here, but a key piece of information to share with your buddies following the round.

Last (here), but certainly not least, Image C shows the number of putts you had during the round. I’m a pretty average putter and my count of 35 for 18 holes backs that up.

These pictures are just a few examples of the stats you can track and features available with GolfLogix. Hit the camera icon and take a picture of the course or your playing partners. There are tips from Golf Digest, the ability to get discounted tee times, and a Pro Shop with access to deals ... all on the free version. Upgrade to the Champions version ($19.99 annually) and utilize the target and landing zone features for advanced yardages, enjoy a flyover of the hole, set pins, track club distances and so much more. Click HERE for a list of all the features - broken down between free and Champions.

C) Number of putts.
There is a ton of information available at Click HERE for a stack of demo videos if you’d like to dig in even deeper.

Rarely have I reviewed a product or service and been this excited. If you’ve golfed with me, you know of the frustration I have with my $400 handheld GPS unit. It wasn’t worth the price BEFORE I tried the free version of GolfLogix and it’s even more irritating now that I’ve explored the company’s Champions version. GolfLogix offers everything a golfer could want (and more) in their free app.

American Golfer recommendation: Download the GolfLogix app on your smartphone today. Encourage your friends to do the same. GolfLogix offers two free rounds at the Champions level. Try that and do not hesitate to pay the $19.99 annual fee to maintain that membership level. Heck, you get your money back in the form of a $20 credit in the Golfsmith Pro Shop.


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